Karate is one of the many paths to self-perfection, preservation and enlightenment. I love and respect Karate and have therefore devoted my life to its true path. For many years I have followed this path with honesty, dedication and hard work.
After living in Tokyo for 25 years I have returned to the natural surroundings similar to that of where I was born (near the Himalaya’s). Only two and a half hours from Tokyo, surrounded by the beauty of nature I am able to go deep into my Karate and sharpen and understand more fully the techniques that have been bestowed to me by so many illustrious Sensei’s that I’ve studied under.
To me, the pursuit of good waza (technique) brings satisfaction and great happiness. Concentrate your mind and body on the execution of these techniques. Sometimes we spend too much time philosophizing over techniques. Using the body and mind in practical training will answer our questions, ‘Silence is golden’. Place trust in the techniques of the founding fathers of Shotokan Karate, such as Gichin Funakoshi. Work hard and true to your heart and you will discover the truth in your Karate. NSKF seeks to guide its students on this path.
NSKF seeks to encourage Karataka’s from all over the world the value of this path, and along with the lessons of nature, show the simple, pure and dynamic way of Karate, and that of the Bushido spirit.
Love Karate and devote yourself to the perfection of these techniques and you will discover many lessons to the mystery of life. The path is long and hard, but immensely rewarding. NSKF aims to show you the way, to foster good and dynamic technique. The way of Karate, the way of Bushido.

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