NSKF Organization

ChairmanSeigen Tanaka
Vice ChairmanTakeomi Sogabe
President & ChiefInstructor       Pemba Tamang
Vice PresidentKeiichi Takeuchi
Vice PresidentTsutomu Sakuma
Auditor-secretaryIsao Yatsui

NSKF Background

The founder of Karate, Gichin Funakoshi first introduced Karate to high schools in Okinawa around 1908. After demonstrating Karate in some major universities around Japan, Karate grew in recognition and popularity. It became recognized as a discipline that trained the mind as well as the body, leading to its original name, ‘Karate-do’, meaning ‘the way of Karate’

NSKF was established to follow the spirit of Funakoshi and his way of Karate in cultivating the mind, body and spirit. In this often chaotic world, clear direction and strong leadership are needed to guide students to their goals. The NSKF, under the chief instructorship of Pemba Tamang was founded for this reason.

Pemba Tamang has been involved in Karate since childhood, and was one of the first foreigners to graduate the original JKA kenshu-sei (instructors) course. In 1989 he became the first non Japanese International Instructor.

The globalization and competitive development of Karate has had some positive affects on Karate, but unfortunately, both in Japan and around the world, the original principles of Karate are being lost. The NSKF, under the experience of Pamba Tamang, are working to restore these principles to Karate all over the world. We are committed to the development of Karate and “the way” (do), and for everlasting World peace.


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